Transformer Oil Testing

We are range of programs for tracking dielectric oil quality

  • Dissolved Gas Analysis ASTMD3612
  • Combined Oil Analysis

Moisture Content ASTM D1533

Acid Number ASTM D974

Color ASTM D1524

Intefacial Tension ASTM D2285

Dielectric Strength ASTM D877

Other tests run as needed Power Factor, Metals, Oxidtion Inhibitor, and Furans

Call or email to order sample containers (syringe or stainless vessels)

Standard Turnaround time: 10 business days

Expedied analysis available for an additional charge.

New Services available upon request

  • Trending of past history sites or for new baseline sites
  • Analysis or Recommendations on further testing for samples that are outside limits
  • Please call or email for details

PCB Testing

  • We can offer screening or certifed testing